Saturday, May 31, 2008

Denny Jr's 2nd Birthday

This is a week old, but could be left alone. We had a wonderful time last weekend at Dennis and Adriana's house for their little boy's 2nd birthday. I haven't been out too much at night with Brooke, that is her time and isn't always an angel, but we had a wonderful time. I know that Adriana wants a little girl someday, and we think that Denny has an eye for Brooke already, so she loved to hold my little girl. As most of you know, your home changes with kids. We "had" a dining room which is now a play/computer room, and the Winky's did the same thing. They had a great pool table room, with beer signs and lights, but now that Denny is two, the also have too many toys for the living room and decided it was time for a Play room instead of a Mans room. It just amazes me how much these little people change our lives. Anyway, it is always so much fun to spent time with the Deems. They are such a close knit family and they make us feel like we are family as well. The last time that Denny was over he loved Lucas's lawn mower, so we got him one just like Lucas's. And because of that Lucas had to bring his with. The two of them ran around the back yard mowing the lawn, it was awesome. Dennis and Adriana also got Denny a bounce house that Lucas had a blast with, now the only thing that we hear is that we should buy one too!

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