Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Big Day with Training Wheels

From diapers to now learning how to ride a bike with Training wheels. He loved the idea when we were at the store buying the training wheels, but when he got on the bike and tried to push the pedals down, that was a different story. I think that he was more excited to have either Mommy or Daddy push him than he was to try to ride it himself. Daddy also bought him a Tampa Bucs shirt and I think that he was more excited to wear it and throw the football than try to ride the bike. We will try again later and before we know it that is all that he will want to do is be outside riding it!

Our friend "we todd" collecting his prize. Oh look!!! Greg wins too!! If you ask me I think they cheated.

Lucas the Rock Star

One of our friends is in a band and were opening for Shannon Burk (a local DJ) at the Grand Opening for a new Harley Dealer in Clermont so we went to support him. As you can imagine, Lucas was the youngest and cutest little guy there so he got to draw the names for the raffle. He did really well, got a little scared when the announcer said his name over the microphone, but by the end of the afternoon, he was going up to the stage as soon as they asked him. At the end of the day when Lucas and I were dancing he told me that he wanted to be a rock star...that scared me a little. On the way home he was sleeping with in minutes of being in the car. He is going to be on the bands website in a few days, you will have to check it out The bad thing is, one of our friends Todd, who is in a band too, has an extra drum set that he wants to give Lucas. I told him that with the next baby due in 5 months, I didn't need anything loud in the house right now..however...I don't think what I said will make a difference!