Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playing house

It just amazes me the simple things in life that makes kids happy. While Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Dave were here Rusty made a Clubhouse out of the box that our new grill came in (it cooks wonderful I might add) and Lucas has had a blast playing with it. It has now reached a whold new level when you play with two little girls. I don't have much experiece with girly things, we know more about fast race tracks and blocks, but Megan and Camryn taught Lucas how to play House. I must say, it was quite a new sound hearing Lucas call Megan "mommy". Of course, her being the oldest of the kids, she ran the family very well. They started in the clubhouse, played in the back yard, and who know that a closet at the condo they were staying at could be such a good house too. (sorry, couldn't get the picture to rotate)

Cousins are wonderful

The first day that Kim, Aaron, Megan and Camryn were here on vacation, we took the adrenaline junkies out on the boat. The kids had a great time together and Camy kept asking Uncle Russ to go faster. It was a great start to an even better week. The water was cold, but Uncle Aaron decided to test it out. When we were leaving the dock after a good lunch at Crabby Bills and to play on the beach, Aaron decided that he could untie the boat himself and his exact words were "don't worry, I got this" as he did the splits with one leg on the dock and the other on the boat and SPLASH, he was in the water. Once we made sure Uncle Splash was ok, we all got a good laugh, and a fun name for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately, he did get a few good rope burns out of the fall, but is OK!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daddy's Girl

I must say that Brooke is a Daddy's girl from 8-10 at night. After a few long nights of crying we found that her happy place is in Rusty's arms. It doesn't matter if they are rocking, talking or just plain sitting there, she loves it and you can just see the relaxed feeling that she gets. Even during the day I found that she likes to sit in "his" chair and just chatter away.

a proud night at the Heplers!

Awake at 3am feeding Brooke, I hear Lucas's door open. The only thing I could think is that we woke him up. To my surprise, he went into the bathroom all by himself, turned on the light and went potty. Before he turned the light off he looked really hard into the living room to see if I was there but luckily didn't see me. He turned off the light and went back to bed closing his door behind him and went back to bed. What a good step this is for him. He does great with the whole potty thing during the day, but still has troubles at night. We will mark this one in his baby book as a happy, happy day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun with Bubbles...

After if finally warmed up a little, into the upper 60's, Lucas was ready to play with bubbles outside. We just put up a new fence so it is much easier to let him run out there while I am feeding Brooke. I am not sure what he was doing and got a little worried when he said he found a snake, but I quickly went to look and didn't find anything. Lord only knows what he saw. The kid is a story teller, who knows, maybe someday he will be a famous writer!

Sleeping Baby...

Just like Lucas, Brooke LOVES her swing. She will get a good three hour nap out when she is in there. I am enjoying every minute of being with her and Lucas. She is a little sassy at night and has acquired the nick name DQ, short for drama queen! She is an angel and we are getting used to her likes and dislikes. She especially likes sleeping in my arms at night, needless to say, I spend most of my nights sleeping in my recliner with her falling asleep while nursing. She is on a pretty good routine of going to sleep between 9-10 and sleeping so somewhere around 1. Then up again at 4 and again at 6 or 7. Unfortunately, I am so tired that once I get up with her for the first time at 1, I end up falling asleep and staying there until morning. I am sure that Rusty isn't minding a king size bed to himself, but I am sure that he is missing me lying next to him.

Cake or Frosting?

I think one of Lucas's favorite things to do since I have been home is to bake a cake. As most of you know I love to cook but am not the best baker! Anyway, I finally found out why he likes it so much, its not the cake itself, its the frosting!