Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lucas's New Bedroom

Yes, I know that Lucas is three, so it is time for his new "big boy's room" and a real bed! Rusty and I had a great time painting and moving furniture, going with the race car theme...his favorite. However, it didn't go like I thought. We had our friends Greg, Todd and Vicki and thier son Trent over to play cards, and at 9:30, he wanted no part of going to bed. So, the nice Mom that I am let him stay up and watch the Toy Story in Mommy and Daddy's bed. By 11 when he was still awake, Rusty decided it was time to go to his bed. He didn't want to sleep in his new bed, so Rusty put him to bed in the crib. So, before I went to bed later, I brought him into his new bed so at least he would wake up there. At 7:30, he was calling my name and thank God for rubber sheets because he was SOAKED. (it didn't help that I let him have a cup of milk while he was watching the movie....bad Mommy.) After a tubby and a wash of the sheets the room is back to normal again and he is SOOOOOOOOO happy that he has a big bed. Hopefully tonight he will be more excited about going to sleep in it!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lucas's new Tent

Lucas found a Christmas present that he hadn't played with yet, his new Simpson's Tent. Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Dave got it for him and he was so excited. I told him after we went to the store we would put it up. For some reason, I thought that it was a play tent but much to my surprise it is an actual tent...a little large than expected. We put it up and he played, ate lunch and took his nap in it. I didn't think that he would fall asleep and couldn't really see because he made me zip it up and there aren't any windows except at the very top and I am too front heavy to be able to see in there, but Rusty was able to look and he was sound asleep. He said that he wanted to sleep in there tonight but we had to explain to him that this was only for special times and camping. I think that he will get a lot of fun out of this in the future.

Date Night

Rusty and I decided that we needed a date night so we had our friend Greg watch Lucas for the evening. We went to Hemingway's at the Hyatt (luckily for my birthday I get a dinner for 2 free) which is our favorite Seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, Rusty wasn't feeling the best, we had all had the flu and he was just getting over it, but insisted to go. We got a fabulous app. platter with their famous crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, scallops, and awesome calamari. We probably should have just stuck with one appitizer, but how could we resist when the manager offered it to us! I ordered the Lobster encrusted Sea Bass which was to die for, and Rusty ordered the Red Snapper, it was good but I don't think that he would order it again. Of course, but the end of the dinner I was stuffed, and Rusty was sick. We had a great time, but it was a good thing that we ordered dessert to go because we didn't even make it to the car and Rusty was getting sick. He came home and went straight to bed...Greg and I enjoyed the dessert to finish off the night. All and all we had a great time and Lucas and Greg had fun too...however, Lucas had to wait up for us and was so excited to see us when we got home.