Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Morning

This was a big day for Lucas. He was so excited for Santa to come. The only thing that he asked for was a race track and a race car for it. He woke up and looked under the little tree in his room and said "Mommy, I don't think that he came". I told him that of course he did and brought him out of his room to the big Christmas Tree when he was so excited. He was so happy to see that Santa had finally arrived.
We let him open everything in his stocking while Daddy took a shower (Rusty can't do mornings with out it.) And he was thrilled even with the stocking gifts.
He started opening one by one, getting excited with each of them, putting bubble bath in his bathroom where it goes, and just anticipating the race track. Once it came to that present he said the cutest thing "oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about". He was so happy that Santa remebered that is what he wanted. The rest of the day we spent opening and putting together all of the toys and preparing Dinner. It was the best Christmas. And of course...taking pictures, Daddy bought Mommy a great new digital camera, a Nikon is awesome!