Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First day of School!

Is coming up. It is a first for me. The best i can do is a fun "craft" for Lucas...i hope you love it. He told me what to draw. I did my "school girl" best. Have a great school year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Where to start...? I haven't been to Gatorland since I was probably 13. I have this wonderful lady that I work with whose Son in Law owns it, and she nicely gave me some tickets. We got there first thing in the morning, thank goodness cause it was 98 degrees when we left. We started off with a show...and who knew that I would be picked. Mind you, I have never been picked for anything like this. So, I ended up with a box in front of me with who knows what in it. Finally, they called me down to the "stage". Made me stand in the "safety circle" and close my eyes. I would have never thought that I would get a TARANTULA..yes a TARANTULA in my hand.

When they finally told me to open my eyes, I told them that I already looked and saw it. The guys were absolutely hilarious. They did that show and another, and we enjoyed every part of it. Rusty's parents went with us and we all had a great, great time.

It is part of Florida that not all see, a real park, with real people that actually loved what they do. I would recommend it to anyone that I talk to. Lucas and Brooke had a great time as well. Lucas had a dream about alligators the other night that scared him, so I was a little afraid that he was scared, but he loved it. When we asked him what the best part of the weekend was, he said Gatorland! Brooke, who is cutting 4 teeth did great as well. She was tired toward the end, but had a great time and enjoyed spending the day with Grandma and Papa. They also have a water park, but my memory card was full so I didn't get any pictures of that. It was a great weekend that none of us will forget soon, especially me..hopefully I won't have dreams of tarantulas!