Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Morning

This was a big day for Lucas. He was so excited for Santa to come. The only thing that he asked for was a race track and a race car for it. He woke up and looked under the little tree in his room and said "Mommy, I don't think that he came". I told him that of course he did and brought him out of his room to the big Christmas Tree when he was so excited. He was so happy to see that Santa had finally arrived.
We let him open everything in his stocking while Daddy took a shower (Rusty can't do mornings with out it.) And he was thrilled even with the stocking gifts.
He started opening one by one, getting excited with each of them, putting bubble bath in his bathroom where it goes, and just anticipating the race track. Once it came to that present he said the cutest thing "oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about". He was so happy that Santa remebered that is what he wanted. The rest of the day we spent opening and putting together all of the toys and preparing Dinner. It was the best Christmas. And of course...taking pictures, Daddy bought Mommy a great new digital camera, a Nikon is awesome!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Grandma got a pumpkin for Rusty to carve. We went out and got a carving kit from Pirates of the Caribbean. Lucas and Mommy took out the guts and made pumpking seeds..(we are the only one that likes them too), and Daddy carved it. I think that he did a pretty good job!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lucas at the park!

We went to the park with Lucas and let him play on the playground. He finally went down the slide. He was pretty excited! He liked the slide the both, wasn't too sure about the tire swing but had a good time anyway!

Birthday at Grandma's

When we got to Grandma's, she had made my favorite cake and angel food cake. We celebrated my birthday and Lucas's birthday.

Catching Leaves

Lucas loved trying to catch the leaves in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard. It was so windy out there was no use in raking them in a pile, so he just picked them up and we had a leaf fight...kinda like a snow ball fight! He had a blast with Grandma, Jessica and her friend Bri. He really wanted Mommy and Alesha to come and play too, Alesha holding Owen so she got lucky.

It's a GIRL!!!

On Tuesday we had our first ultra sound, we are 20 weeks pregnant and found out that it was a girl. She is absolutely gorgeous! All the measurements were perfect and she was just lounging around with her hand above her head. We were able to take a picture before the gal started the ultrasound and are hoping that Lucas will get more excited. The lady asked Lucas if he wanted a little brother or sister and his only comment was "I don't". We have a lot of work to do on getting him excited before the baby is born! The rest of the night all he wanted to see was a picture of the baby so hopefully he will get more excited as time goes by.

Flight to Michigan...was rough

You wouldn't know by the picture, but our flights to Michigan were rough. I thought Rusty was going to have a heart attach when he saw the little plane that was going to fly us from Detroit to Muskegon. You wouldn't believe how beautiful the colors were from up there, but I have to admit that it was a rough rough ride. The pilot even questioned the fact that Lucas slept thru it all.

At the park

Lucas and Daddy went to the park while Mommy went shopping for clothes for the trip to Michigan.

Lucas's 3rd Birthday Party

Lucas had a great time opening presents and even more, blowing out the candle on his "Lightning McQueen" cake. We had a few close friends and family over to celebrate. He got many clothes, lots of Lightning McQueen and Mater toys as well as a collection of 4 wheeler and monster truck stuff. His got a little jealous with his best friend Denny, he wasn't to keen on Mommy holding and playing with Denny instead of him, boy what we have to look forward to! Here are some pictures to show you the great time.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Race Track...did you say drive around the cones?

Daddy decided to put up some cones and see how good Lucas's driving skills were! He only plowed over one and that is because there was a little boy walking by and there was no need to steer at that point. Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lucas's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe that it has already been 3 years since my little guy was born. When he woke up this morning and I told him Happy Birthday and that finally today was his birthday he said "where, where?" He was looking for a Birthday Party which isn't until this weekend. After a day at Grandma's (the sitter Janice), we came home, had dinner and opened presents. He was so much more animated than last year just ripping the paper off with no hesitation. There was so much excitement it just made Rusty and I smile! He even got excited when he opened the clothes..especially the Lightning McQueen PJ's. He also got a Tow Mater remote control car and some building blocks. One of his favorites was this Green Bay Packer shirt from Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Dave, he called them after and said "GO PACKERS". One of the many gifts that his buddy Greg got was a really cool Monster sized Police car that sounds like a siren when you push it. He also got some great shirts and a really cool NIKE hat. After playing with some toys and trying on some clothes, we blew out the #3 candle on his cake that Mom spent hours decorating...joking... and he actually ate some. He isn't a sweet eater so I was very proud! Saturday we are having a Birthday Party with the rest of the family and close friends. He is very excited about having all of our friends over.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Kennedy Space Center

Check out Todd and Greg playing the game.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kennedy Space Center

Our friends, Greg, found some postcards at a yard sale from the 60's of the Kennedy Space Center and was able to get us in for free. Our friends Todd and Vicki have season tickets so they met us there. Lucas was so excited to see the "rockets". I think that he had dreams about going all night long. From the time that we got there until the time that we left he didn't walk once, only ran. He took his first Bus ride to the shuttle viewing area where we could see the shuttle on the launch pad because there is a launch scheduled for October 23rd. He got a little bored in the movies though. We didn't anticipate the Hall of Fame to be as exciting as it was but Lucas for to climb into a capsule and really had fun. Rusty and Todd got the fun of riding the G-Force training simulator which got them super dizzy. They were a little nervouse when there was a barf bag and a emergency stop button in their seat. Everyone except, Lucas and I, were able to ride the Shuttle Exper ence Simulator as well as the Mission to Mars, I was very jealous. By the end of the day we were all exhausted and ready for home.


We had a good time getting ready to go to Holopaw for the day, in our front yard. He was a little show off (as all Hepler boys are) when a car passed or the neighbors came out to see him ride. We put a little piece of wood on the ground for his "jump" and it did buck him a little when he hit it on a turn, needless to say, he avoided it more than he hit it. We didn't end up taking his 4-wheeler to Holopaw, but Lucas, Daddy and even pregnant Mommy went on a slow ride around the property. It was a good thing that we didn't take it because it was a rough ride out there. We all had a great time. The weather was perfect and we only got rained on one time.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Big Day with Training Wheels

From diapers to now learning how to ride a bike with Training wheels. He loved the idea when we were at the store buying the training wheels, but when he got on the bike and tried to push the pedals down, that was a different story. I think that he was more excited to have either Mommy or Daddy push him than he was to try to ride it himself. Daddy also bought him a Tampa Bucs shirt and I think that he was more excited to wear it and throw the football than try to ride the bike. We will try again later and before we know it that is all that he will want to do is be outside riding it!

Our friend "we todd" collecting his prize. Oh look!!! Greg wins too!! If you ask me I think they cheated.

Lucas the Rock Star

One of our friends is in a band and were opening for Shannon Burk (a local DJ) at the Grand Opening for a new Harley Dealer in Clermont so we went to support him. As you can imagine, Lucas was the youngest and cutest little guy there so he got to draw the names for the raffle. He did really well, got a little scared when the announcer said his name over the microphone, but by the end of the afternoon, he was going up to the stage as soon as they asked him. At the end of the day when Lucas and I were dancing he told me that he wanted to be a rock star...that scared me a little. On the way home he was sleeping with in minutes of being in the car. He is going to be on the bands website in a few days, you will have to check it out The bad thing is, one of our friends Todd, who is in a band too, has an extra drum set that he wants to give Lucas. I told him that with the next baby due in 5 months, I didn't need anything loud in the house right now..however...I don't think what I said will make a difference!