Monday, February 4, 2008

Lowry Park Zoo

One of our favorite places to go is the Tampa Zoo. So what a better time to go for the last get away before baby Brooke joins our world. We left first thing after work on Friday picking up Lucas on the way. He was so excited to goto Tampa...I don't think that he knew where we were actually going, but he was excited. After being in the car for an hour and hitting Tampa traffic at 6, he wasn't so excited, but Rusty kept him entertained while I drove. We got there and checked into the hotel and headed to dinner at Oyster Catchers at the Hyatt which was an absoultly amazing dinner. After dinner Rusty and Lucas enjoyed sitting in the Jacuzzi while only my feet did.
Saturday morning we got up and headed to the zoo. Lucas was talking about how he wanted to see the zebras so that is what we did. We had so much fun listening to the Singing Monkeys that were hilarious. Lucas and Rusty laughed and laughed. We also say the birds, giraffes, elephants and many more great animals. Once it was time for my feet to get a break, we brought Lucas to the little water play area that is there so we could relax I had an ice cream and Rusty had a beer and we sat and for a long long time and let Lucas play. By the time that he was done, he was shivering from the cold water. The temp was in the high 70's so I don't think that was the problem. After that we head to the Hyatt downtown for another night.
We all ended up taking a 2 hour nap after a long day and got up and headed to Channelside for dinner. It was a lot of fun, there was a great 2 man band at the restaurant that we went to and dinner was good again.
We got annual passes to the zoo in hopes that while I am on maternity leave I will be up to taking the 2 of them over for the day.
There is nothing better than spending the weekend with your family doing something that everyone loves. I think that we all had smiles most of the weekend and truly enjoyed ourselves. It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up with your little boy wondering what fun will be had that day. He is such a good little boy that is going to love his little sister so much. He is showing signs of a little jealously while I am fininshing getting her clothes washed and room finished, however, he kisses my belly everyday and asks "Mom, how is Brooke doing?" It is the sweetest end to every day.