Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I never knew how much boys thrive on superheros until Lucas asked for something Spiderman. He watched Free Willy (might I add I had to buy it but luckily I got the three pack "collectors addition" at Walmart for $14.97) and knew he could snorkel and wanted flippers to try. I remembered seeing some fun fins at BJ's and when we went to look, he fell in love with the Spiderman ones. He feel in love with them. There was another option that was a shark, but who could pass up spiderman? He had to try on the whole get up, including fins, goggles and fun glove type thingys that of course, shot spider webs! He played in the pool forever with the whole get up on, then just decided it was easiest with the mask. So much easier on the eyes since kids love to swim the whole time with their eyes open. I don't allow Lucas to climb on the furniture, a little of my sister in me, but when he came in he was literally crawling on the back of the couch, cause of course, he was spiderman. After that he continued to climb on one of Brooke's diaper boxes that I hadn't put away yet and was standing on it being "spiderman". For the next few days we were riding in the car to the sitters with full spiderman attire and I am sure that all cars passing had a great chuckle to their morning!, if anything Mommy cherished it for the rest my my day!

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Kristin said...

Love it! Please tell Lucas, I mean Spiderman, that he is the cutest thing ever!!!

Yes, I have to agree, I think lots of people had a big smile on their face after seeing that. How could you not?