Friday, June 20, 2008

Story Time

It has been a long time since we have been able to go to story time at the library. We went when Brooke was 2 weeks old and continued throughout the time that I was on maternity leave. I think beside being home with the kids this was my most cherished time with Lucas and I. It was wonderful to see him interact with 5 year olds and sing and dance. He isn't around kids during the day, but he loves to be with them. I will never forget this time that I spent with Lucas, ever in my life. He still talks about it, yesterday his mobile that we made the last day broke and he wondered if the teacher would be upset if we thru it away. I can't believe how sweet and thoughtful of a kids he is!

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Kristin said...

You have done a wonderful job with that son of yours. It is hard being a parent. Even harder being a parent to a three year old and a little baby. Good for you taking him to story time! Great for you that he is such a kind soul.