Saturday, June 21, 2008

Basketball..mommy's dream come true

Early last week Rusty and I were talking about finding a sport for Lucas to participate in. Well, yesterday I called the YMCA in Kissimmee and found out that Basketball started Saturday for 3-5 year olds. I was in my heaven. We were there at 8:45 ready to start. Lucas and I went to the store the night before to get shoes, and found some Sketchers that he loved so much he SLEPT with them on. Yes, you heard me right, would not let me take them off. So learning how to dribble, shoot and "share" with the other boys was amazing! He did good for my little guy who I have never even played Basketball with. I have never even tried to teach him to dribble, pass, or shoot for that matter...and it showed! He did good though. I know in the next three months he will learn a lot, so will we as parents. Brooke loved to watch her brother at the beginning, but just wanted to sleep in the end. Oh, and Lucas was on the Dolphin team...thought he was a star, and is an always will be one in my eyes. All he could say was he was ready to get on the "court" like Emmy says in Dragon Tales!

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Jodi said...

It starts will never again have time on your hands! (not that you did with a preschooler and a baby!) Sports are good for kids...he'll learn so much, and not just about basketball. Way to go!