Thursday, July 24, 2008

FOOD, yummy.

There is a reason that we call Brooke "porkchop". She is a little tank, and loves to eat. She was getting super hungry at the sitter's and eating every 2 hours and wanted more, so I knew it was time for food. I wasn't quite ready yet since Lucas didn't start til he was 6 months, but this just shows that all kids are different. We started with rice cereal and she did great, the girl can eat. I will hopefully do the same that I did with Lucas and make all of her food. She has sweet potatoes and will try avocado next. It is fun and she is doing much better at the sitter and not getting so hungry.

I hope that she isn't a picky eater, it is nice that Lucas will almost eat anything. In the mean time Lucas decided that he would try a banana pepper the we grew in the back yard, he tried them a couple of times, I think he finally learned his lesson.


Kristin said...

What a big girl. I can not believe she is big enough to be eating food. Where does the time go????

I love that last picture of Lucas...he is SO Rusty!!!! Sorry Mom!!!

The Lallo Family said...

Hey Kell!! I was delighted to see your comment so I could track back to your blog. It is great to see happy families having fun. You should be very proud of those gorgeous kids. I see you suffer the same issue that Jen does where she is always taking the pictures and never ends up in them. Please, continue to check our blog and we will do the same.


jennifer said...

Ha! Hope he doesnt try to pawn that pepper off on his sister! What a couple of CUTIES!!!